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About Us

On a mission to digitize the complete operational process for deskless employees.

Operate was established in 2023 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to provide our customers with the utmost reliable employee management solution to achieve operation excellence.

We aim to provide a solution that reduces the operational hassle for more than 100 thousand plus hands-on owners and operators to be the preferred partner of choice for an operational management solution.

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Manage your store more efficiently

If you are facing challenges with achieving consistent operational across your branches, we are here to help.

Business face challenges when it comes to,

  • Brand Standards
  • Operational Standards
  • Food Safety Standards

With Operate you can communicate, complete tasks, raise issues, and train your employees. We make it easy to manage all your locations through our application. In today’s world, things move very fast, and we need to keep up. Therefore, let us digitize and streamline your daily operations.


We offer features that makes a difference in your operations.

Task management

Digitize your tasks. Whether they are ad-hoc tasks, checklists or reminder tasks. With operate you can digitize all your tasks for them to be completed more efficiently.

Issue Management

Raise your issues and assign them to the responsible person on spot. No more sending an issue with a text message or an email. Now you can raise an issue with a photo or a video.

Knowledge Center

Store all your standard operating procedures in one place and give access to your employees to the important aspects of it. You can upload your training videos and assign them to your employees.

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Don’t waste your time with the old way of operating your store. Digitize your operations with Operate.

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Access provided at no cost, offering the quickest and simplest way to explore.

$0.00 / Year

  • Task Management
  • Issue Management
  • Knowledge Center
  • 1 Branch
  • 6 Users


Empower small teams to digitize operations.

$800.00 / Year

  • Task Management
  • Issue Management
  • Knowledge Center
  • 1 Branch
  • 16 Users


Enable enterprises to streamline and digitize their operations for enhanced efficiency.

  • Task Management
  • Issue Management
  • Knowledge Center
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If you’re looking to say goodbye to messy processes and join the future of operational management, get in touch with our expert team today.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


+966 50 520 8718

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